Healing with crystals allows for vibrational adjustments to clear energy and promote well-being.



Since our bodies are made of energy we are receptive to energy emitted all around us. With this type of healing, vibrational frequencies from crystals or stones are used to clear energy blockages in the body’s chakras – or energy centers – to create the right conditions for good health and a positive state of heart and mind. 


A crystal healing practitioner will use a variety of crystal types to help balance the client’s energetic fields by placing stones on or near the body’s energy centers. This physical interaction with the crystals promotes relief from undesirable symptoms. Each crystal carries a different vibration and therefore serve different purposes. Crystals are carefully chosen in advance so that the desired relief is achieved effectively and responsibly. Crystal elixirs can also be incorporated into the treatment for ongoing healing from the inside.   


Crystal healing is for any adult, child, or animal experiencing physical or emotional discomfort. This form of healing should not replace urgent medical attention.  Instead, it can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments.