2018 Year-Long Reading (February 2018- January 2019)

Please note this is a full YEAR reading for a lot of people. Not every single sentence will apply to you but when you read it, you will feel exactly what resonates and what doesn't. Interpreting energetic patterns is also not a life sentence. If there is anything you don't Iike- you have the free will and personal power to adjust your own vibration and chart the course you want. For shorter-term readings check back for the monthly readings or @mypurplepurpose on IG for weekly readings. 

Mother Peace Tarot Deck : 3 of Swords~4 of Swords~5 of Swords~ 12 The Hanged One Rvsd~4 of Cups~Ace of Discs~Ace of Swords~ 4 The Emperor~ 9 of Discs Rvsd ~ 8 of Cups~ 9 of Wands Rvsd~ 6 of Discs  Rumi Oracle Card : 24 Resplendent with Grace  Life Purpose Card : Artist

Mother Peace Tarot Deck: 3 of Swords~4 of Swords~5 of Swords~ 12 The Hanged One Rvsd~4 of Cups~Ace of Discs~Ace of Swords~ 4 The Emperor~ 9 of Discs Rvsd ~ 8 of Cups~ 9 of Wands Rvsd~ 6 of Discs
Rumi Oracle Card: 24 Resplendent with Grace
Life Purpose Card: Artist

Themes of the year: love, self-care, communication, and creativity
Months of prominent change: May & October

Overall: It is through honoring yourself that light will comes into any darkness. What may have been unclear will be clarified. The rest and self-care you offer yourself is what positions you to see things more clearly than ever before. One of the major things you see is the love you have for yourself. At times you feel it rush in when you look in the mirror, other times it feels like a steady and calming current and other times you don't even feel it at all but you know it's there. It stirs up a new well of grace that you have for yourself and that inspires you to take on your passions and get shit done this year. And boy will you get it done! It's like a vortex opens up and you begin summoning the energy you need.

Your communication will be better than ever before. You communicate with yourself better because you are no longer afraid of being honest and telling yourself the truth. This makes it easier to do it with others. It's not an accident that we have the 3, 4 and 5 of swords in a row year. You make a lot of progress expressing yourself and in guarding yourself from negative thoughts or convos. Do not join every convo you are invited to. Protect your energy- you may need to (re)learn this lesson throughout the year but you will have the reminders along the way to guide you.

From the Rumi oracle card: "You may be wondering if you can attain this next stage of growth in your life. You are already well-equipped to do so, no matter what you might believe about the situation, circumstances, or others involved even yourself. You have within your soul possession more than enough grace to see you through anything you are bold enough to envision for yourself, or for any vision you feel life has bestowed upon you."

Destiny- The time has come. You have specific interests and passions. You are a naturally creative person and you have not been able to fully express that. But now you will. Several of you are artists- painters, sculptors, musicians, writers and some of you are artists and don't know it yet. Something as simple as a child asking you to color with them or helping a friend rearrange their apartment will be what helps you realize the creativity you have to unleash. You will take your photography, design and dance hobbies more seriously and give them the attention they deserve. A violin. Someone needs to start or go back to playing their violin. Others may not have these specific creative "titles" and yet you are very much the artist of your own life. Your goal this year is to bring color, vibrancy, and passion to everything you do. If your creativity has felt stifled, you will let it free this year! You are destined to (re)activate this creative energy in you. It helps you see the path moving forward. If you ever start to feel stuck just figure out what you can do in that very moment to get creative and you will see the changes start to take off. You may get into an argument with a couple of friends but then you get creative and you literally go from fighting to celebrating! Let your creativity be free!!

Love- The new found love you have for yourself makes all the difference. It is exactly what makes you see the world from a whole different perspective. You reclaim your throne. You become gentle with yourself and are really tapped into your needs. Gone are the days of overextending yourself and saying yes to everything. You will have lots of options this year- lots of things you love to do, lots of people you can spend time with, lots of adventures to enjoy with others, lots of people to get to know and even date! This year the options will all be there. The trick will be to develop the discernment to choose the people and experiences that allow you to most live into that love.

Towards the end of the year things may feel a bit chaotic- lots of options coming your way but after some confusion you find your way back to yourself and you pick wisely because you start off 2019 happier than ever before. If you are or find yourself in some kind of love triangle- step away. Steer clear. Better will come once you clear yourself of what doesn't serve you and that drama will not serve you. A balanced partnership comes toward the end of the year- can be in business but feels more like a romantic love partnership. If you are already in an established bond, it strengthens! It feels way more comfortable and like everyone is contributing to it harmoniously. 

A pregnancy might come around half-way through the year. Perhaps yours or someone close to you- it might even be the pregnancy of a pet. Maybe your cat will have some kittens! If you don't want this to be you, then take the proper precautions on the front end- especially around the beach trip you are going on.

Health- You find new stability with yourself. You keep saying you will be better about meditating. Now is the time. You get better and better and find your center much faster than you thought you would. Again, the love you have for yourself makes things come to you with ease. It is through the meditation that you find the insight and revelations that help you connect some dots. You meditate and all of a sudden you know exactly what to do in that tricky situation. It helps you go in with confidence and a deeper sense of comfort.

You are also going to trade in crazy, long nights, for relaxing evenings and sleep. In fact, a little nap during a special trip to the beach becomes a turning point for you. You are worry-free. Also, eat lots of apples- your body must need something apples have.

Wealth- You keep reaching for more which is great because you are getting clearer and clearer on what you want. You may start a brand new business, start a new position, take on new responsibilities or start doing some overtime which you have been asking for- it will be something new and different. In about 4 more months you start to see some tangible progress in your work. There is great opportunity for you this year and you will fully take advantage of that. Release any worry here b/c prosperous projects are birthed and they will transform your life and the lives of others.

Enjoy this new year. You have a new sense of belonging to yourself and together with grace and creativity you will continue crafting the life you want. You are worthy- you always have been.

This reading consists of 12 Mother Peace Tarot cards (not necessarily a month-to month correspondence), a Rumi Oracle card and a Doreen Virtue Life Purpose card.

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