We support personal growth through healing practices.

Purple Purpose was founded to facilitate healing in order to cultivate happier and healthier individuals, groups and teams. Regardless of the changes you seek, Purple Purpose has an offering that will meet your needs. We offer packages for individual services but depending on your unique path, we may recommend customized packages that mix and match services. Leveraging multiple modalities can help accelerate your progress.  Sign-up for a free consultation to determine the package that will best fit your needs.

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We work with individuals and teams/groups who are:

~ Ready to create the life they desire ~ Searching for their life purpose ~ Managing change or transitions in their life ~
~ Seeking to create stronger and more effective teams ~ Developing equitable and inclusive spaces for all ~
~ Awakening their intuition ~ Improving their lifestyle ~ Breaking addictions ~
~ Improving their finances ~ Looking for inner/spiritual peace ~
~ Strengthening relationships with themselves and others ~ Healing from emotional wounds from the past or present ~
~ Trying to better understand themselves and what they value ~ Attempting to eliminate/drastically decrease stress and overthinking~
~ Increasing self-love, compassion, confidence and self-worth ~ Increasing productivity and stronger results


Hands-on energetic healing that helps facilitate deep relaxation and wellness.

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Life & group/team Coaching

A differentiated support process to help produce desired changes using your own inner resources.

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Crystal Healing

Vibrational adjustments to clear energy and promote well-being.

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An energetic workout that incorporates aerobic dance with music.

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Innovative approaches to solving problems.

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In just a few sessions, I was able to make discoveries about myself that I didn’t know existed. Because of Jessie I am no longer keeping myself down and becoming a better person in the process.
— M.M., Coaching Client 2016