Engage Your Energy


Purple Purpose was founded to support individuals’ personal growth and development through a variety of facilitated growing and healing practices. We believe that everyone deserves to feel joy, learn personal lessons, and fulfill their specific purpose. Over the course of our life experiences, we discover new pieces of ourselves that help us better understand the path forward. Purple Purpose seeks to support you on that journey.

We are always healing from something. This is natural and to be expected. This means proper alignment of the physical and etheric bodies is critical for sustained well-being. Purple Purpose was founded to help facilitate healing to cultivate happier and healthier individuals. Fulfilled individuals become stronger contributing members of the families, groups and teams they belong to. No matter what kind of life change you are looking to make- as an individual or a group- Purple Purpose has an offering that will meet your needs.


About Jessie

Jessie was born in Ecuador and comes from a strong lineage of healers. She was raised in Brooklyn, NY from the age of one. She developed a passion for helping people and animals at an early age and has always been invested in being of service to others. After graduating from Syracuse University, Jessie began her career teaching elementary school in Houston, TX. Since then, Jessie has been coaching and developing educators to promote students’ growth and development. 

After several years of working in the education non-profit world, Jessie discovered a calling for a different type of education - teaching others how to uncover their inner resources to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment. Energetic healing was something Jessie was exposed to from childhood. Healing traditions had been passed down in her family but she was initially confused by this and kept it a secret. Following a surgery in the summer of 2015, she learned about more alternative healing modalities and realized this knowledge should not be kept a secret anymore. During that time, Reiki proved to be a powerful source for her personal recovery, and Jessie became a Reiki practitioner the very next year. In the spring of 2017 she became a Certified Professional Coach and today, she is a Reiki Master dedicated to blending her knowledge and experience of the healing arts with coaching and people development. These offerings promote positive energy. When our energy is flowing in healthy ways we are able to attract and manifest all that we desire!  

Jessie is grateful to be bilingual in English and Spanish which allows her to expand her opportunity for impact to a larger audience. Estoy aqui para ayudar.