Reiki – meaning “life energy” – is a Japanese form of hands-on healing that facilitates deep relaxation and wellness.



Since our bodies are made of energy, we are receptive to energy emitted all around us. While the only promise of Reiki is relaxation, this state of tranquility actually creates the right conditions for healing to occur on multiple levels. Energy blockages in the body’s chakras, or energy centers, are cleared, allowing proper flow. When energy flows easily, it allows us to heal ourselves and promote overall health in all aspects of life.  


With this type of healing, energy is channeled through hands-on touch from a Reiki practitioner. A session begins with a short consultation to gain a full understanding of the client's needs. From there, a client lies relaxed and fully clothed on a massage table with calming music playing in the background. The practitioner will gently touch the body to engage the client’s energy centers and reduce energy blockages that inhibit well-being. At the end of the session, the client and practitioner will debrief the experience and discuss the ongoing healing process. It is possible to incorporate crystals during a Reiki session for added impact. Ask about distance Reiki if you are not in the NYC area. 


Reiki healing is for any adult, child, or animal experiencing physical or emotional discomfort. This form of healing should not replace urgent medical attention. Instead, it can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments.

Reiki me ha ayudado a entender que existen fuerzas mentales positivas y accesibles que trabajan a favor de salud física y espiritual del ser humano. Me ha ayudado a relajarme, a encontrar paz interior, a pensar mas positivamente y darle importancia a lo que realmente merece mi atención. Por ejemplo, mi relación con mis hijos, mi familia y ayudar al prójimo cuando me es posible.
— D. L., client since 2016