Life Coaching is about finding your own inner resources to create the change you seek. With Team or Group Coaching, we tap into the resourcefulness of the collective to strengthen the culture, effectiveness and productivity of any team.  



Life Coaching is a process that supports an inner exploration to create your truest outer expression! It helps clients clearly define the specific change(s) they wish to make in their lives, access the personal resources they may not even know they possess and develop a plan of action to make it a reality. This personal development model is based on the belief that every individual is resourceful and already has the answers to the questions they are pondering! Coaching involves the transformation of the whole person so it is quite common to start with an initial intention that deepens over time into something much greater. 

A group can also receive coaching at the same time. This is a great way to maximize resources and create intentional and sustainable change for any team working on something together. 


I partner with clients to define a personal vision, goals and core values. We use your body, mind and spirit to explore different aspects of your identity and pinpoint the specific changes you are yearning to make. Over the course of the coaching experiences you develop a plan to reach those aspirations. I use listening and questioning techniques to activate both right and left brain thinking; which helps you determine next steps in your personal journey as a whole and full person. Life Coaching is not a form of therapy or counseling and coaches do not provide clients with advice or specific actions to take. Rather, coaching sessions are intended to be a safe and brave space for clients to take personal risks, consider new possibilities, and develop personal commitments for the future. The essence of coaching is to bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment.  When we achieve alignment we open up new possibilities and can achieve deeper and more meaningful levels of joy and fulfillment. 

In group coaching, we bring individuals into alignment with themselves and then shift to the connections with their colleagues that would be most conducive to creating a highly effective and inclusive team. See sample group coaching series below. 


Anyone can benefit from coaching! It is particularly helpful for people or teams experiencing any kind of transition or seeking to achieve new goals in new ways. 

One of my favorite things about being coached by Jessie is the way she creates a mental and emotional safe space that makes you feel comfortable going deeper than you thought possible. She is incredibly genuine and supportive which lets you know that she truly has your best interest at heart. She has the ability to use a number of effective strategies to help you get to where you want to be. I am definitely in a much better place because of her coaching.
— A. J., client since 2017
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