Consulting involves providing the client with new and innovative approaches to solving problems. 



For over a decade we have been working in education and leadership development. We can help with different kinds of consulting including but not limited to: cultural and identity development, leadership development, learning experience design, teacher coaching etc.    


We develop a comprehensive and differentiated support package that meets the unique needs of our clients. Support structures range from advising, designing, training, facilitating, leading, providing feedback and testing. While consulting is a much more directive approach, it is still based on the learning and working styles of our clients as well as the change management necessary. In order to maximize results and effectively build the capacity of the leaders we work with, we are intentional about leveraging specific coaching skills and strategies. This is deliberate in our approach as it helps sustain and build on the progress we create together.

See below for our signature curriculum! It incorporates a combination of consulting and coaching structures to help individuals and teams heal themselves and become more empowered and strategic  in seeking justice for themselves, their families, their communities, their teams, their schools, their organizations/companies etc. Healing is Justice leverages coaching as a tool for true justice. It helps to create the inner peace and alignment necessary to achieve social justice. 


We offer consulting services to individuals, teams, organizations and businesses. Partnering with a consultant with a coaching background is a creative and efficient way to accelerate change and build the leadership of your people.    

The exercise that you shared with us was life-changing for me. I feel like I managed a level of introspection that I have never before reached. That’s such a big deal for me, and I have so much gratitude for that. I think what I appreciated most about you was your energy. You really pushed forward to make sure we were all comfortable and engaged, even in the harder moments.
— Gerardo V., Group Coaching Participant May '17
Healing is Justice Curriculum Overview.png